Congratulations on your new smile! Retention is an important stage of treatment following the removal of your appliances. In general, the retainers are worn full time for six months and then at nighttime indefinitely.

Retainer instructions:

  • If your retainers are lost or broken please call our office immediately for a replacement. Do not wait as your teeth will shift.
  • When your retainers are not in your mouth, they need to be placed in your case. Do not wrap them in napkins because they get thrown away. Do not place them in your pocket because the wires will bend or the plastic will crack.
  • Keep them away from your dogs…they love to chew them.
  • Brush your retainers once a day with lukewarm water and toothpaste. You can also use Retainer Brite. You may order from or
  • Do not leave retainers in a hot car or place them in hot water.
  • Don’t wear them during contact sports, in the pool or ocean.
  • Bring them to all your appointments
  • You may find it difficult to speak for several days, but don’t despair, practicing out loud will speed up your learning process.